Located in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Montana our goal at Stuffed Crêpes & Waffles is to fulfill your sweet and savory cravings and provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to spend your brunch time dates and meals.

At Stuffed Crêpes & Waffles, all your favorite cravings such as the Brittany Cream, Florina, Tripoli, and the Montana start out on our hotplate as a dollop of batter. Learning to spin crepes can be difficult for some but our highly trained staff have perfected the Parisian art of spinning batter into a delicacy. Taking the spinner in hand, our employees start off with a clockwise rotation, carefully manipulating the batter to fill the entire plate. As soon as the batter begins to bubble, it’s time to flip. Slipping the spatula underneath the batter and tossing the crêpes to land cooked side up creates a spectacle all our customers and employees enjoy when coming in.

Once the Crêpes has been flipped, it is time to stuff. At Stuffed Crêpes & Waffles we offer a wide range of ingredients such as, strawberries, brownies, bacon, cheese and our newest specials apple pie and pumpkin pie. Our employees carefully introduce your ingredients into the crêpes and effortlessly fold them into a triangle that prepares your crêpes for enjoyment.  The trained staff and homemade crêpe batter sets you up with success. Dropping the batter onto the hotplate and forming our recipe into your final product takes seconds.

Once your crêpe is filled with your sweet and savory cravings we then dress the crepe in our homemade sweet cream cheese, creamy brie cheese, everyone’s favorite Nutella spread, or an impressive drizzle of caramel or chocolate sauce to compliment our inhouse whipped cream. Learning the skill of spinning crêpes and making waffles sets us up as your number one location to fulfill your early breakfast, brunch or lunch time needs.

If you enjoy a creative spectacle of spinning crêpes and stuffing waffles, come in and enjoy the day with us at Stuffed Crêpes & Waffles!

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